Pro Staff


Chip Dillard

Chip was born in Birmingham, AL and raised as a hunter. His father was an avid rabbit hunter that raised/trained beagles most of his life. Rabbit hunting is what motivated Chip to become a predator hunter and he bought his first caller (a Johnny Stewart cassette tape model) in 1993 while living in northern Nevada. He moved back to Alabama in 2005 and didn't get "serious" about coyotes until 2010 but only day-hunted as his schedule allowed. He retired at the end of 2018 and has spent more time outdoors. He has been a night hunter since 2017 and progressed through ownership of lights, night vision and now thermal. 'Thermal is the way to go', says Chip. 'It's more efficient and productive, and thermal has become more affordable in the past few years'. 2023 has been his best year yet, recovering 237 coyotes, 8 bobcats and a dozen feral hogs. 'If you want to learn how to do it, invite an experienced predator hunter to join you at one of your properties and learn from him/her.' Chip coyote hunts mostly in central Alabama but has hunted in several other states and Canada. 'I really enjoy helping calves and fawns, and managing coyote populations is critical in that effort'.

Athens, AL

Matt Lovell

Matt Lovell, a home builder from Alabama, got his start in predator hunting 8 years ago after watching coyote hunting videos on YouTube. Matt fell in love with daytime hunting coyotes, shotgun or rifle, and set out on a path to try and become one of the best predator hunters in Alabama. Since night time hunting became a reality in his home state Matt has immersed himself into using and having the best equipment to hunt coyotes at night. has been very instrumental, whether it be cutting edge thermals or the Warrior Tripod, in bringing Matt and hunters like him to the top of their game.

Cullman, AL

T.J. Hagan

Tj Hagan grew up Coyote, Deer,Duck,Quail and Turkey hunting all over Alabama. After graduating from Auburn University he narrowed it down to concentrating on Turkey and Deer and used coyote hunting as a form of management for increasing the population of young on the property that he managed as a Forester. Tj was introduced to Matt Lawrence close to 5 years ago and started and friendship and was introduced to thermal optics, with a background in reloading and long range shooting. The equipment and process became and an obsession that became a nightly occurrence 3-5 days and week for most of the year starting in 2019. He uses 6mm and 6.5 Creedmoor in ARs and bolt action rifles using Hornady eldM and v-max bullets. He also enjoys custom short action magnums handloaded with Hornady V-max bullets for hunting large areas. Pulsar and IRay thermals with LRF are his favorite optics and Daniel Defense and Tikka and defiance/proof/manners combo are his favorite rifle manufacturers. His favorite times of year to coyote hunt are November,July, January. His Top 3 favorites for information on coyotes are Les Johnson, AL Morris and Dan Flores author of Coyote America. Thermal most important part to becoming a successful hunter for coyote is understanding the coyote’s habitat and  its daily and monthly life cycle.


Kage Gladwell

Kage Gladwell currently resides in Ripley, West Virginia. He has one daughter age of 9 who loves the outdoors and enjoys hunting as well when not tied up in sports! Kage has been in the heavy construction industry since 2007. He's currently in oil and gas work as heavy equipment operator. Predator Hunting would be his number one type of hunting. He loves spending time out at night playing with thermals and controlling predator problems! Also enjoy deer hunting with rifle and bow.

Lubbock, TX

Chris Gonzales

We are proud to announce the NEWEST member of our Pro Staff team, Chris Gonzales! Chris has a huge passion for the outdoors, whether it’s in the woods, on a mountain, or in a tree stand! He lives in Lubbock, TX with his beautiful wife Cami. He has traveled the western states chasing down numerous species, and finding some awesome success! His most recent top awards include:

-2023 West Texas Big Bobcat (Jan) 1st Place - $42,040

-2023 Tuff Luck Contest  (5 Heaviest Gray Stringer) 1st Place - $5520

-2024 Rough Country Big Gray Contest 3rd Place - $10,624 (Feb)

-2024 Garza County Shooting Sports Big Coyote Contest 1st Place - $2475

With more tournaments in 2024, we’re super excited to see him represent Thermal Hunting and score some more trophies.

Gadsden, AL

Chad Turner

Chad Turner has been hunting most of his life. He went on his first thermal hunt in 2021 with Mark Allen, and he was hooked ever since. He started researching the life of a coyote and within his first year he killed 156 and 247 his second year. He manages over 50,000 acres of land for local farmers and land owners. He believes having the top of the line equipment makes for a more successful hunt. He's proud to serve as one of our Pro Staffers and will continues to do what he can to help with predator control in Gadsden and surrounding areas.