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Thermal Hunting

CAMODUST scent camoflage

CAMODUST scent camoflage

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One of the most challenging and important parts of any hunt is avoiding detection by the animal you are hunting. Nothing can ruin a hunt faster than getting busted by the animal before you can have the opportunity to take the shot. Experienced hunters know that playing the wind is important to avoid detection but so is taking the necessary precautions to eliminate odor.

CAMO DUST is A DRY powder that naturally prevents odors from forming that are offensive to game. It will significantly reduce the fear and flight reaction that is the natural response when game animals detect the human scent. The secret to CAMO DUST is the odor neutralizing particles its sock applicator releases as a fine powder onto a hunter’s clothing. The dust isolates and neutralizes odor. Unlike liquid applications, the powder applied to clothing keeps hunting clothing dry. CAMO DUST has been specially formulated for hunting animals with an acute sense of smell like deer, elk, hog, bear, and coyotes. Don’t get busted, get dusted with CAMO DUST.

CAMO DUST is not a cover scent or masking agent. It is an UNSCENTED powder that naturally halts the formation of odors by isolating the individual elements that produce offensive scents and signal danger to game animals.

CAMO DUST, when used properly, neutralizes the human scent and wind direction will not be an obstacle when stalking that elusive trophy game.

INGREDIENTS: Natural zeolites and dicalcium silicate.

DIRECTIONS: Apply CAMO DUST at least 50 yards from stand by dusting your exposed clothing. Dust stand perimeter upon arrival to remove any accidental scent.


  • Open CAMO DUST bottle.
  • Take out sock full of CAMO DUST
  • Pat the clothing and boots with the powder sock.


  • Keep unused CAMO DUST dry for use next season.
  • One unit will last approximately eight to twelve hunts.
  • Not harmful to skin.
  • Keep out of eyes. Do not let breeze blow dust back into eyes.
  • When storing hunting clothes, sprinkle CAMO DUST inside storage bag.
  • For better coverage and penetration of CAMO DUST in fabric, use clothing several hunts before washing.
  • Dust hat, boots, clothing and gloves prior to each hunt.
  • Sprinkle inside boots to control foot odors.
  • Dust entire clothing 50 to 100 yards from stand with heavier concentration around armpit and crotch areas.
  • Dust around tree where you are placing your stand or ground blind.
  • When moving from one stand to another during the day, continue dusting from stand to stand.
  • When leaving stand at dusk, continue dusting on way out to prevent detection of the stand by game during the night.

WARNING: Avoid eye contact. In the event of eye contact, wash thoroughly with water. Do not inhale or ingest this product as it may be a mild irritant.

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