Pulsar 2 Helion XQ38

Pulsar 2 Helion XQ38

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    Pulsar’s Helion 2 XQ38F is an ultramodern thermal monocular with a full-color HD AMOLED display and 3-12x magnificationto capture every image in crystal-clear, high-definition. With a built-in video recorder and camera, the Helion 2 XQ38 has wireless connectivity, enabling users to livestream to Facebook or YouTube. The Helion 2 also sports NETD (noise-equivalent temperature difference) <40mK with a 384x288, 17-micronthermal sensor, which means the Helion 2 can detect even the slightest variations in thermal radiation of an adult-sized objectup to 1,350 yards away. Additionally, the Helion 2 can operate in temperatures ranging from -25C(-13F) to 50C(122F). AnIPX7 waterproof rating, updatable software and rechargeable battery with life up to 10 hours (AA) all combine to make the Helion 2 the undisputed standard of modern monocular technology.




    Enhanced thermal sensor up to 1,350 yards
    NETD <40mK
    17-micron pixel pitch
    384x288 thermal sensor
    Full color HDAMOLED Display
    3-12x digital magnification
    8 color palettes
    Built-in recorder and camera
    16 GB memory
    Operates from -25C to 50C
    IPX7 Waterproof rating
    B-Pack rechargeable battery system