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Thermal Hunting



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The GL35R adopts the 12μm detector with 384×288 resolution, 35mm-focal-length objective lens, 1024×768 OLED display, and built-in range-finding module feature a range of 10-1000m with ±1 m accuracy when up to 1000m. It supports WIFI image transmission, electronic compass, motion sensor, up to 8 reticles, and other functions.

GL35 adopts the same core module as GL35R without built-in range-finding. It adopts the built-in battery and an external replaceable battery pack power supply mode, the battery life is 10h.


Model GL35R
Resolution 384 × 288
Pixel Size,   μm 12
NETD, mK ≤35
Frame Rate,   Hz 50
Objective   Lens, mm 35
Field of View 7.5° × 5.7°
Magnification,   × 1 /2 /3 /4
Display 1024 × 768  OLED
Detection   Range, m 1818m
Battery Type 26650 × 1
Battery Life.   H 7
Weight, g <600
Laser Rangefinder Range, m 1000±1
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