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Thermal Hunting

D2D Thermal Battery Extender

D2D Thermal Battery Extender

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The Dusk 2 Dawn Thermal Battery Extender allows you to run (2) 16650 lithium rechargeable batteries in your Trijicon IR Hunter 60 or 35. Traditional CR123A batteries are costly and drain quickly. The Dusk 2 Dawn will give your 4-6 hours of continuous run time on a single charge saving you hundreds on batteries.


The Dusk 2 Dawn Thermal Battery Extender is machined locally by a family owned machine shop. The billet aluminum tubes are machined on a state of the art CNC machine.  Tubes then head about 20 miles down the road where they are Cerakoted one by one.


You will find a large variety of 16650 batteries online. We recommend Keep Power 16650 batteries. Xtar seems to make the best charger for these batteries. I recommend the VC2 or the VC4 xtar charger.  Batteries and charger are sold separately.


Recommended Batteries 

Keep Power 16650

Recommended Charger  

Xtar Charger 


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