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Kopfjager K700 AMT Tripod/Reaper Grip Kit

Kopfjager K700 AMT Tripod/Reaper Grip Kit

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When the stakes are high, shooters require no compromise. The Heavy Duty K700 meets the demanding needs of LEO, military personnel, hunters and precision shooters. From prone to standing, the K700 features adjustable 3-level angle locks and 2-level leg extensions with locking levers providing rifle stability and comfort in almost any shooting position. The reversible center column allows you to adjust the height of your firearm or camera by an extra 14.9 inches. Crafted of sturdy aluminum, K700 features sure-grip foam panels, rubber grip feet and holds up to 25 lbs. Fully extracted, the bipod measures 72 inches and fully retracted, 27 inches. The Heavy Duty TK700 includes a tripod case and 3/8”-16 (1/4”-20) reversible threaded stud.

  • Durable soft foam grips provide comfortable gripping
  • Reduces fatigue by allowing the tripod to do the heavy lifting
  • Heavy-duty lever leg locks will ensure your legs stay in place
  • 3-postion angle locks allows you to configure your tripod to your desired angle from low to off-hand position
  • Will withstand up to 25 pounds of load weight

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