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Thermal Hunting

Pulsar Telos XP50 2.5x-10x Thermal Monocular

Pulsar Telos XP50 2.5x-10x Thermal Monocular

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Telos XP50 is equipped with a European-made Lynred sensor that boasts a high 640x480 resolution and a @17 micron pixel pitch. Additionally, it features a NETD thermal sensitivity under 18 milliKelvins and a fast-aperture F50/1.0 germanium lens. 

The Telos LRF XP50 version of the monocular comes with a built-in laser rangefinder that enables the device to detect an object from greater distances. It can measure distances of up to 1 kilometer in single measurements and in continuous scanning mode. The digital zoom ring and focusing ring are located on the lens in a vertically symmetrical layout.


  • Microbolometer resolution: 640x480 
  • Frame Rate: 50Hz 
  • Pixel pitch: 17μm 
  • NETD: <18mK 
  • Display resolution: 1024x768 
  • Display type: AMOLED 
  • Objective lens: F50/1.0 
  • Magnification: 2.5-10x (x4 digital zoom) 
  • Detector type: Uncooled ASi 
  • Detection range: 1900 yds 
  • Laser Rangefinder maximum range: 1,000 yards 
  • Battery type: LPS 7i Li-Ion 6400 mAh, external power supply: 5V, 9V (USB-C) 
  • Battery life: 8.5 hours 
  • Dimensions: 9.3701 in x 2.8346 in x 3.5433 in 
  • Body material: Rubber armored reinforced plastic 
  • Weight: 25.40oz 
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