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Thermal Hunting

-USED- Pulsar Accolade 2 LRF XP50

-USED- Pulsar Accolade 2 LRF XP50

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This is a lightly used Pulsar Accolade 2 LRF XP50 in almost new condition. Comes with all accessories included. 


Accolade 2 LRF XP50 Pro thermal imaging camera

  • 640X480 thermal imaging sensor with NETD <25mK
  • Integrated laser rangefinder range of up to 1,000m
  • IPX7-rated completely waterproof
  • 1,800m detection range
  • Size: 164 x 130 x 20 mm
  • Weight: 600g
  • Scope of supply: thermal imaging camera, IPS7 battery pack, charger, micro USB cable, case, neck strap, cleaning cloth

ACCOLADE thermal imaging binoculars

Thermal imaging technology with maximum user convenience. The Accolade thermal imaging binoculars' operating range spans professional and semi-professional applications including hunting, scouting and rescue operations. Hunters tracking game in the forest; hiking enthusiasts who want to protect their camp at night; security officers in search of suspects; civil protection officers in search of survivors or missing persons; the Accolade offers the appropriate functions for every application.

Unprecedented thermal sensitivity NETD < 25 mK

The thermal imaging sensor with NETD <25 MK guarantees perfect detail recognition even in the toughest weather conditions when thermal contrast may be low. The smallest temperature difference will be clearly visible whether in rain and fog or on cold mornings, under the most difficult conditions for thermal imaging cameras.

Built-in laser rangefinder

Built-in high-precision laser rangefinder works in two measurement modes: single measurement and continuous scanning. The scanning mode allows the user to adapt to rapidly changing firing distances in order to deliver a shot precisely.

Ideal for long periods of observation

The binoculars minimise eye fatigue during long periods of observation and deliver a natural image. The human brain is pre-programmed to receive visual information from two channels simultaneously. When only one eye is used for observation, the brain receives information from one channel only. This leads more quickly to fatigue.

Long detection range

The detection of distant objects is one of the most important reasons for using of these optical devices. High-quality optics together with the best thermal imaging sensor offer you the longest possible range.

Adjustable interpupilary distance

The ability to adjust the distance between the eyepieces allows the user to adjust the optics according to their needs. Interpupillary distance varies from person to person. This adjustment increases user comfort and prevents a double image.

Built-In video recorder

The built-in video recorder is an excellent option that allows you to record photos and videos in online mode. Just press the REC button, create a video, and send it to your colleagues, friends or family.

IPX7-rated completely waterproof

Rain, snow and moisture will never be a problem thanks to IPX7 waterproofing. The IPX7 waterproof rating means that these devices can withstand extremely harsh weather conditions, including being submerged in 1 metre of water for 30 minutes.

High-resolution 640x480 thermal imaging sensor

The high 640x480 pixel resolution guarantees a highly detailed image of the target. This allows small objects, such as twigs, leaves and animal body parts to be displayed as sharply and clearly as possible against their background.

Quick-change long-life rechargeable battery packs

The innovative quick-release lock allows the battery to be replaced quickly and easily. External rechargeable Pulsar IPS5 batteries guarantee 9 hours of continuous operation in Wi-Fi mode.

Colour palettes

The eight-colour palette makes it easier to observe in all types of conditions. The classic White Hot mode is universal, Hot Black is often used for detecting targets at night. Red Monochrome helps to minimize or eliminate light from entering the side of the open eyepiece. The Sepia mode is particularly suitable for observing distant objects, while the Red Hot, Rainbow and Ultramarine modes enhance temperature differences within the object parts. The Violet mode enables targets to be detected more quickly.

Continuous and stepped digital zoom

Stepped zoom is an important option if you want to zoom in quickly on a target. If time is not critical and the object is to be examined more closely, then continuous zoom is ideal.

High 50 Hz frame rate

A high frame rate is particularly important when shooting moving targets. This allows the speed of the target object to be more accurately estimated and so shoot more precisely.

Picture-in-picture mode

In the picture-in-picture mode, the observer sees a second image of the centre of the field of view, so the target object can be examined in detail, without losing the whole field of view.

Effective sensor temperature stabilisation

The cooling fins on the device's housing protect the sensor and other components from overheating, thereby significantly reducing temperature sensitivity, especially between calibrations.

Observation modes

Image optimisation should be performed according to the environmental conditions. Mountains, town and forests have different ambient temperatures. In order to achieve the highest image quality, certain settings have been optimised and are offered as profiles. The identification preset is another option for image optimisation which makes identification easier, even at long distances.

Calibration mode

A thermal imaging sensor occasionally needs non-uniformity correction (NUC). Calibration minimises or eliminates excess signals and improves image quality. The Accolade offers 3 calibration modes: automatic, semi-automatic and manual. With automatic calibration, the shutter closes and calibration is performed at pre-defined intervals automatically, without the involvement of the user. In the semi-automatic mode, the shutter closes for calibration and the user only needs to press a certain button. In the manual mode, the shutter remains open and the user decides when he wants to perform the calibration.

Manual contrast and brightness adjustment

Contrast and brightness can be adjusted manually if required. All settings are saved and can be easily changed where necessary.

Built-in Wi-Fi module

Observation devices have, for some time now, not only been optical instruments. Today, they are designed as multi-purpose devices in order to be able to meet many different requirements. Functioning as a hotspot, the device connects to your smartphone or tablet and, for example, your smartphone acts as a remote control for your Accolade.

Video streaming in online mode

Connecting the device to a smartphone or tablet allows the user to stream videos in online mode directly to YouTube.

Frost-resistant AMOLED display

The device has been designed to function perfectly in all weather and temperature conditions. Even if it's freezing cold or blisteringly hot, the high-quality contrast and vivid colours are retained without loss of frame rate. Thanks to the latest technologies, the large, high-contrast AMOLED display ensures a top-quality image, whatever the weather.

Updatable firmware

The Stream Vision software ensures that you will always be offered the latest firmware.

External power supply

For charging from external sources, the Accolade has a micro-USB jack to connect to power supply devices such as a power bank. This ensures that you can operate your device even in extremely cold weather and protect against rapid discharge.

Power saving function

If the observation is to be paused for a short time, the user can activate the display's power saving function. This function ensures that the the residual light from the eyepiece does not risk the user being detected, either between observations or when starting an observation. (The display remains off while all other systems continue to function. To reactivate the device you only need to switch on the display).


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